Company overview

Managed by Sunrise & Dance Limied, BananaMonkey is a UK-based lifestyle and culture digital platform that has revolutionized the way international students in the UK connect with local communities. We specialize in developing innovative digital solutions to connect international students with the UK’s rich cultures and vibrant lifestyle.

Over 100,000 new Chinese-speaking international students come to the UK every year, and we offer a wide range of resources to help them adjust to a new culture and lifestyle. We understand the challenges that international students face in adapting to a new environment, and our platform is built to address these challenges and improve their educational experience in the UK.

At BananaMonkey, we believe in creating value not only for international students but also for UK merchants. We work closely with local businesses, including restaurants, student accommodation providers, retailers, and event organizers, to provide them with a reliable and efficient digital platform to promote their products and services to international students.


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